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Post  Goh on Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:25 am

I will post any progress of the models, level schematics, behavioral scripts used, and character animations.
As far as animating is concerned, I'm just mediocre- even then it will be better to not use motion capture because it tends to ruin the unique method of movement Vectorman Possesses. The project showcase video will be updated here, and be set up as a playlist so you can view all the incremental steps toward constructing the game atmosphere.

Vectorman 3(d) is a new fan-based game I plan to develop using mainly Virtools and 3dsmax- and possibly in blender 2.7+. Virtools 4/5 game scripting engines to work on the game mechanics. Most of the scripts I have from my other game are template-oriented so I can salvage/modify what is needed for a 2d/3d platformer.

Reasons: Vectorman.
Vectorman 2..
Unreleased Vectorman 3 <-- While the game looked promising- it was not released, and it involved Vectorman using a gun and looking similar to master chief.

Vectorman 3(d) (Current Project)- Entire game can be played in two perspectives:
3d- an adventure, interaction, puzzles
2d/3d - Classic gameplay, with three modes beginner ,novice, Advanced all with an option of upgrades etc.

In this version, Vector man will be using his traditional charge bolt as a weapon, but only there will be permanent upgrades, objects to manipulate etc.

Project Development Software:
Software implement for the quick prototype:
*Maya 7-2011Animation, rigging, Modeling,rendering
*3dsmax 8-2011 Animation, rigging, Modeling,rendering

*Motionbuilder 2008-2010 - Rigging if necessary
Endorphin - Physics Mocap <-- Optional

*Virtools 4/5 - a Gui based game development engine. Once the game project is complete, I can embed the project files into the Executable for distribution
Blender 2.7+

If you do not know how Virtools engine works I can help explain.

You can upload suggested models and animations, upload the project file to 4shared, mediafire, or other file hosting services, ensure to give a description for the model/animation whether it's for maya or 3dsmax- (include the version).

To export the Maya or 3dsmax models into the virtools engine, you must install the 3dsmax/ maya Virtools Exporter plugins.
Then from your maya/ max menu you can file, export and you will notice a new option "Virtools, .nmo"
Supported 3dsMax versions: 9, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (32-bit only).

3dsmax exporters:
Supported Maya versions: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (32-bit only).

Looking up any promising models or concept artwork at the moment:
Animated models/scenes-

DeviantArt by sicklizard:
Vectorman 3(d) Fan Game project Vectorman_by_sicklizard

3d model/ rigged character Animation By ~Joseph King

Scene render By:


The new 'adventure' or 3d version of the game will incorporate all the similar movements and strategies, but add a puzzle-like method of getting past obstacles- however the puzzles will only appear after Vectorman acquires upgrades to assist him. The game BGM will include the original game music and the community remixes from the album
(Vector Man: Rebirth).
Vectorman 3(d) Fan Game project Cover

(Vector Man: Arranged Soundtrack):
Vectorman 3(d) Fan Game project 5453-nghchmqhdf AN8XU6UA

Best of all, the game will have 2 different perspectives, however the person can choose which mode they prefer- Classic or Adventure.
The Bgm can either be classic 8-bit or arranged.

Adventure =3rd person 3d, classic powerups, new upgrades, puzzle solving, and character dialogue.

Classic= 3rd person 2d- just like the original, no dialogue, shoot-through(no puzzle),classic powerups, but will also have the new upgrades.
Upgrades- Tele-scoping grappling arm(grab remote items, or grapple points), Telescoping punch, Charge blast, Grab and toss enemy, double jump jet, wall run, wall jump, 3d targeting,, thermal Vison.

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