Windows Xp Service Pack 3- Toggle Single and Multi-Core Processing with Device Manager

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Windows Xp Service Pack 3- Toggle Single and Multi-Core Processing with Device Manager

Post  Goh on Mon Nov 22, 2010 9:16 am

Windows XP Service Pack 3- Toggling a Single Core and Multiple Cores-

I completely reinstalled Windows XP Service Pack 3 only to find the 1 out of 4 cpus available. This happens when the bios setting (ACPI) is turned off before installation. OS assumes you have a single core rather than 2-4.

To fix this I imported the other non-implemented dlls and kernel. Below is an effective means of toggling a single core to a multi-processor support.
Multi-core addendum files needed from

Download Link:


Multi-core CPU crash solution- Affinity Changing:
If you do not want to mess with the hal devices and want to see if this helps solve the crashing:
If you experience Chronic CPU crashing (multi-core processors),even after you've tried memtest or other hdd diagnostics- I highly recommend this program.

Prifinity: You can add your programs to the favorites list and set their affinity from 1 to 4 cpu cores. It remembers the settings(when you enable the auto-set preference) and it can run at startup. (NOTE: IT only seems to load at startup when literally placed in the startup folder, it cannot run from the registry)

Prifinity X64("that's the beta name for Win 7" should support both 32 and x64 processors):

Offsite Link:

In my case I still had crashes, but not as often with Prifinity online.

And since it could not modify the affinity for vsmon.exe or zlclient.exe I've moved my suspicion onto the Zone Alarm Security Suite for causing the system hangs.
Another reason I got rid of ZA was the annoyance of uploading videos.



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