Skipping the cutscene where Zaji forgives Goh

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Skipping the cutscene where Zaji forgives Goh Empty Skipping the cutscene where Zaji forgives Goh

Post  Pococurante on Sun May 10, 2009 8:30 pm

If only two lords remain in your game and chapter 4 has started, your main task is to assassinate one of the lords to unlock the final mission.
In the course of doing this, any mission success before that could yield the cutscene where Zaji threatens to kill Goh if he follows him. When you finally assassinated one lord it will play the cutscene where Kinu and Zaji visit Goh's hovel and the latter making up with Goh again.
This cutscene can be skipped in a very unconventional way. This is how I did it. When Chapter 4 started I chose a mission where I definately had access to one of the lords, which means me having the ability to kill them. I killed the lord and finished my mission objective (in this case stealing rice from Utakata Castle). After the mission the cutscene where Zaji threatens Goh appeared.
When I was back in my hovel only one lord remained and I had the chance to play the final mission without having to make up with Zaji! Goh was sitting all by himself in the house unlike after the cutscene which I skipped where Zaji and Kinu can also be seen in his house. When I selected the final mission, everything happened as planned showing me the cutscene where the Asuka infiltrate Asuka village.
I thought this was interesting to point out. Could be useful for people speed-running the game.

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