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Post  Goh on Wed May 06, 2009 4:45 pm

Post in the proper mission topic.

For example if it were "Assassination".
One would post here:

Ps2 saves:

1. Use a cheating utility disc such as Codebreaker, GS2, ARMax, etc.
2. Copy the custom mission edit file from your memory card over to a usb stick.
3. Upload it to mediafire.com, 4shared.com etc..
4. If you create and upload new missions in the same category, simply edit and update your post with the links.
5. Provide a thumbnail image, or an embedded youtube tutorial (Optional).

To convert downloaded cheat save files to your supported format, use this tool.
Link: Ps2_Save_Builder_0.8x.zip

If you are using Shinobido: Imashime, then you will need to use the region converter provided by pococurante.
A link to the region converter can be found in the Utilities forum.

PSP saves:
If you need information on how to transfer Ps2 custom missions to the psp refer to the topic:

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